Role of an In-Home Caregiver in Supporting Seniors with COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a group of lung diseases (including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, irreversible asthma and severe bronchiectasis), which block airflow in the lungs, making it increasingly difficult to breathe. Although there is no cure for COPD, proper medications, a nutrient-rich diet, and some simple lifestyle changes can help control the symptoms of COPD and reduce its progression that may otherwise completely damage your lungs.

If you have a senior family member suffering from COPD, hiring an in-home caregiver can be a crucial step in improving their quality of life. Given below are some of the ways in which they can help your loved one:

  • A caregiver develops a meal plan to support better lung and respiratory health for the senior. They also help with grocery shopping and meal preparation.
  • They keep the house organized while making sure the objects that a senior uses most often are kept within their reach. This way, the senior won’t struggle to find what they need at any point.
  • The caregiver may also accompany the senior on walks or outings so that they are able to stay active and continue doing all the things that they enjoy.
  • They make sure that the senior takes all their medications on time as prescribed by the doctor.
  • They help with light housekeeping, dressing, grooming, and other activities of daily living that may leave the senior short of breath if they had to do these activities on their own.
  • They provide the much needed companionship to the senior and also help them keep a positive attitude when dealing with the challenges that come with a serious health condition like COPD.

Initially, you and your senior loved one may take some time to adjust to having an in-home caregiver; however you will soon realize how beneficial they can prove to be.

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