How to Maintain Bone Health While Aging?

It is true that our bones tend to lose strength and become less dense as we age. However, there is plenty you can do even in later years of your life to maintain good bone heath, and prevent falls, fractures, and serious conditions like osteoporosis.

Given below are some useful tips to keep your bones strong and healthy even in old age:

Eat a nutrient-rich diet

Your diet plays an important role in strengthening your bones. So, make sure that your diet provides your body with all the essential nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, protein, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, etc. The elderly should “eat the rainbow” by incorporating colorful fruits & vegetables in their diet.

Include weight-bearing exercises in your routine

Exercising is also a great way to support healthy bones. Regular exercise helps build as well as strengthen muscles, and also impacts the bones attached to them. Some of the weight-bearing exercises that can be very effective for seniors are squats, Yoga, pushups, elliptical machines, stairs (or stair machines), and exercises which involve resistance bands, ankle weights, or handheld weights.

Talk to your doctor

It is always best to discuss with a doctor your risk factors for bones related conditions such as osteoporosis. They may recommend you a bone density scan to check your current bone density, and also tell if you would benefit from certain vitamins or supplements.

Buddy up

Seniors are more likely to enjoy their meals and workouts if they have someone to join them. If your family members are unable to make time for working out or sharing meals with you, an in-home caregiver can be a great resource to accompany you for all this. In fact, they can also join you on walks and other activities that they you may find boring if you do them alone.

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