How Can A Home Assessment Support Aging in Place?

Are you concerned about your aging parent’s safety at home? You should have an Occupational Therapist come in and allow them to conduct a basic home assessment. In addition to evaluating your loved one’s ability to navigate around different rooms and access the items they frequently need; they also identify all kinds of obstacles or barriers that may be impeding you’re their success.

Based on this evaluation, the Occupational Therapist can provide recommendations for:

  • Modifications such as grab bars, stair lifts, lower counters, improved lighting, and more to the home.
  • Adaptive furniture or equipment to help remain more independent and safer.
  • Different techniques for completing tasks that make them easier for seniors.

As per your budget and depending upon your aging parents’ needs, they can provide suggestions for changes ranging from very simple to more complex and costly options. Other than making recommendations for changes around the home, they can also work-on-one with your loved ones to help them learn new and more effective ways of performing the basic tasks such as dressing, grooming, cooking, feeding themselves, and using adaptive technology.

The best part is, Occupational Therapists can create adaptive strategies or modifications based on your senior’s individual abilities and needs. This will not only help boost your loved ones’ confidence but will also help them maintain as much independence as possible.

Occupational therapists can provide a wealth of support and valuable information as far as aging in place is concerned. Always Best Care offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to each person and adjusted based on their changing needs. You can rely on our exceptional service to give your seniors the kind of freedom and comfort they have always deserved. Feel free to dial (877) 318-0529 for more information on elderly care in Bergen & Passaic.