Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

It’s summertime – the perfect time of the year to enjoy spending time outdoors. Summer is also a great opportunity for the elderly to get out and enjoy some fresh air. If you have a senior member in your family, you can plan some fun activities to keep them active and create some lifetime memories.

How about a picnic?

A picnic calls for very little efforts, but can provide the entire family with endless fun and laughter. All you need to do is pack a blanket, some of your favorite foods, and spend the day at a park with your family. A Picnic is a great way for the entire family to come together, play cards or other interesting games, and have a great time.

Go for a movie

In case it is too hot outside, you can plan a movie trip with your senior loved one. There are some venues that show classics over the summer. Take them for a movie of their choice and both of you are sure to have a great time.


Swimming is one of the most fun-filled activities during the hot weather. Not only does it offer a cool respite from the scorching heat, but is also easy on the joints and helps relax the whole body.

Pick fresh fruits & veggies

There is nothing quite like plucking fresh produce from under the ground or the tree. So, even if you have your own garden, take a trip with your senior loved one to a nearby community garden, or visit an orchard or farm. You can later prepare some healthy meals together using the fruits and vegetables you have picked.

Attend outdoor events

Take your aging parent or grandparent to an outdoor event that you think they would enjoy. It could be a concert, fair, craft show, or any other special event.

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