Common Causes of Sleep Changes in Older Adults

There can be several factors that cause sleep problems in older adults. Some of them are”

  • Sleep changes with aging
    As one ages, sleep becomes lighter and more fragmented and this nothing but a common sign of aging. As a matter of fact, lighter sleep means it’s easier for aging adults to get disturbed by things such as arthritis pain at night or sleep-related disorders.
  • Chronic medical conditions and medications
    Some older adults feel sleep difficulties because of underlying health issues such as heart and lung conditions, stomach-related conditions, chronic pain, urinary conditions, medication side effects and substances such as alcohol. Treating these underlying causes can help improve sleep drastically.
  • Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases
    Several research and doctors have suggested that signs associated with various forms of dementia affect the brain’s ability to sleep.

Almost all seniors tend to develop lighter sleep as they age. Not just that, many older adults have health problems that prompt nighttime awakenings and these are nothing but common signs of aging. Seniors with mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s are very likely to be affected by any of these factors that change sleep in older adults. It has also been observed that dementia brings on extra changes that make nighttime awakenings more frequent.

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