Live-in Care

Always Best Care Live-in Care

Always Best Care of Bergen Passaic specializes in providing live-in care. We find that this is the preferred approach for many of our clients because it provide 24-7 coverage. In our experience, many emergencies associated with falls and other issues occur at night and a certified home health aide can help prevent these issues from occurring.

Live-in caregivers stay in your loved one’s home day and night to perform duties outlined on the care plan.

Benefits of Live in Care

  • Live-in caregivers remain the home overnight and can address issues with your elderly parent that may occur during the night.
  • Your loved one may form a stronger bond with a caregiver that is constantly by his or her side.
  • The caregiver becomes more familiar with your loved one which helps to understand favorite routines.
  • The caregiver is often able to anticipate and understand better and how to address special needs and moods.
  • For loved ones with dementia, familiarity with a caregiver can be particularly beneficial.
  • Seniors who wander at night can benefit from someone who is alert to their movements.
  • Live-in care can help minimize exposure to more individuals which is important given concerns about Covid-19.
  • Live-in care can be comparable in cost to live-out care and provide greater coverage for the comfort and security of your loved one.

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