5 Signs That Suggest Your Seniors Might Need Help

Once you are able to recognize that your aging parent could benefit from assistance around the home, you can get them the help they need to remain as safe and independent as possible. A trained in-home care provider can offer the level of assistance that is right for them, cutting down the need of moving them into assisted living or a nursing home.

Here is a list of signs that suggest your loved one might need help –

  1. The house looks messier.
    Seeing your loved one struggling with a task as basic as housekeeping and straightening the home is a common sign.
  1. Hygiene issues.
    A decline in personal care and grooming is something that should not be taken for granted.
  1. Issues pertaining to mobility.
    Finding your senior having more trouble getting up from a seated position, navigating the stairs, or keeping their balance is another common sign.
  1. Loss in weight.
    Having a hard time planning and preparing meals ultimately results in a poor diet. Another reason behind this can be them having trouble getting to and from the store to do their grocery shopping. If you see them losing weight, make sure you take a step.
  1. Difficulty in remembering the very basic stuff.
    Dementia is a common sign of aging; however, it can be problematic if your senior lives alone. If you find them look more forgetful or confused when you talk to them or ask them to do something, try to understand their condition better.

If you don’t want to send your loved one to a senior care community, you can always hire a caregiver. If you want to know more about elder care services in Passaic County, feel free to reach out to Always Best Care by dialing (877) 318-0529.

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