5 Causes Behind Loss of Loss of Appetite with Aging

You must have noticed how you the older adults in your family appear to be losing weight or eating less than they used to as they age. This is very common but concerning issue among a lot of people as everyone wants to ensure that their senior loved ones are getting all of the calories, vitamins, and nutrients as well as the care they need to stay healthy.

There can be a number of reasons as to why seniors do not feel very hungry and one of them can be the foods they once enjoyed no longer seeming to be appealing. Some of the other most common causes of loss of appetite in seniors are:

  1. Depression
    It has been scientifically proven that feelings such as sadness, loneliness, or despair can affect people’s appetite. A lot of seniors have found to be complaining about not feeling motivated or energized enough to eat.
  1. Medication
    Certain medications are also capable of contributing to loss of appetite and that is why checking the side effects or talking to their doctor is of utmost importance.
  1. Illness
    People who are sick do not often feel like eating and complain about not feeling hungry. It can be problematic if it goes on for several days or weeks.
  1. Dental problems
    Poorly fit dentures and missing or decaying teeth can also make eating difficult or uncomfortable for seniors.
  1. Difficulty cooking
    Issues with vision, mobility, or dexterity can also make cooking meals a challenging for seniors.

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