Which Foods Diabetic Seniors Should Avoid?

Most people don’t realize it, but food matters a lot when you have diabetes. Food directly affects the blood sugar levels, leading to either better control over it or diabetes getting worse. Seniors have to watch their food choices more closely because they might have other health issues to deal with such as high blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Combination of such health problems and diabetes is more dangerous.

Unfortunately, there are lots of myths and misconceptions related to diet for diabetic people. It creates confusion. But fret not because here is a list of foods that diabetic seniors should avoid.

White bread – It is made from white flour, and contains refined starch. It interferes with glucose control and causes blood sugar levels to rise rapidly.

Fruit drinks – Fruits are certainly good for health, when you have diabetes. But, canned fruits, fruit juices, fruit punch etc., are not good for blood sugar levels. It is better to eat the whole fruit than drinking the juice.

White rice – It contains low-quality carbohydrates and lacks fibers. White rice can increase the risk of developing diabetes considerably, and in diabetic people, it causes blood sugar spikes. It is advised to opt for whole grains instead, as they provide fiber and don’t cause blood sugar spikes.

Whole milk – Many dairy products are advised to avoid, when you have diabetes, and whole milk is no different. It contains saturated fats and increase insulin resistance.

Diabetic people should avoid aforementioned foods. However, mobility issues and declining health may not make it easy for one to manage healthy meals. In this situation, hire professionals for daily living assistance, mobility assistance, meal management and more.

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