What Are The Summer Dangers For Seniors?

Summer is almost here. You can feel it in the air and in the rising heat. Going out and enjoying some sun is probably on your list of things to do this summer. But, when you are over the age of 60, you should be aware of the dangers this season brings. What dangers? Well, take a look.

Dehydration – Many seniors lose the sense of thirst as they age. It increases the risk of dehydration for them, as they may not even know that they need fluids. With this problem, they might not be drinking as much water as they need to stay hydrated. Medication and illness can also result in dehydration.

Heat Stroke – If not treated on time, this serious summer illness can become life threatening. With age, a person’s ability to notice changes in the body temperature decreases. When the body cannot cool itself down properly and seniors can’t even tell, it becomes a deadly combination. If you experience symptoms like dizziness, headache, disorientation, agitation and confusion, get immediate help.

Heat Exhaustion – Summer is a great time to go out, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. But, you should be aware of the dangers of constant exposure to high temperatures. Your body may start to lose salt and fluid if you spend too much time outside.

Aforementioned summer dangers can pose a great threat to seniors. However, you can avoid it all with some precautions (drinking lots of water, staying in shade, using sunscreen, dressing properly and a healthy diet). If you need aid in managing it all, then get help. A caregiver can monitor your diet, plan outings, assist with clothing selections, medication reminders and more.

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