Memory Loss In Seniors – What Are The Causes?

Memory problems are thought to be normal in seniors. People believe that with aging, forgetfulness and problem at remembering things are likely to follow. But it is far from the truth. Memory problems are not a normal part of aging. Several factors can lead an older adult to this issue. Unfortunately, not many know about it.

Here are the factors that can cause memory loss in seniors.

Medical conditions – A variety of medical conditions can cause older adults to forget things. It could be dementia or Alzheimer’s. Depression is another medical condition that causes memory problems. Blood clots or tumors in the brain could be the other reasons behind it.

Medicines – Forgetfulness can be the sign of a bad reaction to medication.

Lifestyle – Many don’t know but unhealthy diet can be a reason behind memory loss in seniors. Lack of vitamins and minerals can interfere with memory. Excessive alcohol consumption is another factor in this list.

Injury – A head injury can also lead older adults to forgetfulness. Seniors are at a higher risk of falling, so concussion from a fall or accident could be the reason behind their memory related issues.

Emotional issues – Emotional problems like loss of a loved one and financial issues can cause memory problems in seniors.

The good thing is that many of the previously mentioned factors can be avoided with some precautions and proper care. Help with medication, meal management and regular care can help seniors avoid some of these risk factors. You can either help your loved one yourself in daily living, or hire professional in-home care providers from a well-known firm in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

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