Helping Seniors Adjust To Assisted Living

Moving to an assisted living facility is a big change in a senior’s life. So, it’s important to make the transition as smooth as possible for the seniors who are stepping into a new stage of their life.

Here are a few ways for helping seniors adjust to the new environment of assisted living:

1. Make sure you choose an assisted living facility that’s a good fit for your senior loved one. The very first job is to choose the right assisted living facility where your senior loved one can adjust easily. Do thorough research and take time to decide the best option for them.

2. Visit them frequently. Try to visit them more often so that they may not think that no one is there to support them. Also, by visiting them on a regular basis, you’ll be able to check whether they are comfortable there or not.

3. Make sure they get opportunities to participate in the activities they love. Their social life and all the activities they love to do, should not stop due to the move. Also, they should have access to transportation so that they can go to the church, nearby parks and other such places like before.

4. Maintain communication. Make sure you call them frequently and encourage their friends and loved ones to do the same. This will make them feel that their loved ones miss them and care for them.

5. Give surprises. Everyone loves to get surprises. Send them flowers, letters, cards or small gifts such as their favorite book to tell them you are thinking about them.

Do not disappear after moving your parents to assisted living as this will mark a negative impact on them and adjusting there will become more difficult. Stay in touch to make sure they are living a better life at their new place.

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