Common Fears of seniors

The challenges that come with old age are not always physical. Seniors may face a variety of mental and emotional challenges as they age. Many seniors face unique concerns due to their circumstances in life.

Here are some most common fears among seniors and ways how you can address them.

Loss of independence: Many seniors are determined to make their own choices, even when they know they can no longer be on their own. When a decision needs to be made, discuss the possibilities, and let your loved one talk about their needs and desires.

Death of a spouse or other family member: Sometimes, the fear that the person who takes care of you may die first can be a cause of great anxiety, especially when there are no children or other family members to take that role. Although it will be difficult, the best solution may be to openly talk about this possibility and make plans to reassure your loved one that he/she will not be left alone.

Fear of falling or hurting themselves: Falls and other accidents in older age occur mainly due to fading health and cannot be avoided. Still, providing a safe environment and removing hazards can help.

Loss of Memory: Older adults often fear that they may forget everything they used to love. This fear frequently expresses itself through anxiety-related behaviors. However, you can help your loved one by crafting scrapbooks full of old photos and organize other memory boosting activities.

And if your senior loved one has a serious medical condition, such as Alzheimer’s, they may need extra care and support. Sometimes, it isn’t possible to provide them the required level of care at home. In this care, it is best to move them to Assisted Living. To explore Senior Living Options in Monroe, NJ, contact Always Best Care today. It is a leading senior care provider in not only Middlesex County, but also in Monmouth County, and parts of Ocean and Somerset Counties. Call at (732) 483-4611 to know more!

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