Far Hills

Far Hills, a borough in New Jersey, has a strong sense of community and a population with a zest for clean living. It is an ideal location to settle down and, if you choose, raise a family. Residents who have built their own personal history in the borough want, and deserve, the chance to enjoy their more mature years surrounded by memories and familiar surroundings. Unfortunately, life sometimes has a way of interfering with well-laid plans and wishes. Independent living becomes a struggle, and people are forced to contemplate an alternative lifestyle away from many of the things that they love. Through senior care in Far Hills, Always Best Care offers the perfect solution with reliable and compassionate care in the comfort and security of each client’s home.

Our expert care coordinators will meet with you and develop a care plan tailored to the desires and needs of each client. A consultation is free, and will result in a written plan for care that will be updated regularly. In addition, if you choose to accept the help of our team, our coordinators can help you work your way through the complexities of insurance qualifications and help you arrange a workable billing plan.

Our professional caretakers are carefully screened and interviewed before they are hired, as we are looking for compassionate individuals of high moral caliber. Each caretaker has received comprehensive training that encompasses the many facets of home care and is ready and willing to take on any necessary task. Sometimes home care is simple and may only entail one hour of the day, perhaps providing a friendly presence while a family caretaker has a chance to take a break from ongoing responsibilities. In other instances, a client may need help keeping the home clean or preparing meals. If transportation is needed, a caretaker can escort a client to appointments or social events. When the need is greater, care can be provided twenty-four hours a day and may entail assisting with bathing, dressing, eating, or bathroom calls. Furthermore, at Always Best Care, we closely monitor home care and the client’s needs, adjusting the care plan when needed.

An individual struggling with dementia, like Alzheimer’s faces a particularly challenging road. Our caretakers are provided with the education and training that allows them to provide the most beneficial support for a client with dementia. They are aware of the emotional and mental issues that can arise, as well as the shifting levels of care and necessary safety precautions. Above all, they know how to perform their duties in a compassionate and respectful manner.

Some decisions in life are not easy ones. Contact one of our care coordinators to provide yourself or your loved one with superior home care in Far Hills, and to have any questions that you may have answered.