Reducing the Risk of Falls for Seniors

September 22 is Fall Prevention Awareness Day, so it’s time for you to take the time to learn how to protect your senior from falls. It’s up to you to help out your senior in this respect and ensure that they are safe in and outside of their home. As your senior who’s receiving in-home care in Wake Forest gets older and older, the chances that they are going to fall in their home increase. This is why you’ve got to be aware of the risks that come with their older age and how to make sure they never fall. Be sure to remember the following strategies and use them in coordination with their caregiver to ensure the safety of your loved one.

  • Make sure to speak with your senior about getting some new shoes. The shoes that your senior wears plays a big role in how safe they are against falls. If your senior’s shoes don’t have good traction or he or she doesn’t wear shoes at home, then this is something to change. That’s just asking for a fall to happen! Have them invest in some shoes with good traction to stay safe and sound.
  • You should think about investing in a medical device that your senior can wear that will alert emergency services should they find themselves stuck on the ground. These wearables have become super popular in recent years because they can literally be life-savers for those seniors who fall and then can’t reach the phone to call 911.
  • If your senior is having to travel up and down the stairs every day, try to limit that as much as possible. This is just asking for a fall to happen – stairs are one of the most common places that senior falls happen. Either have them limit the times they go up and down or install rails along the stairs for them to grab onto for safety.
  • Another great way to improve your senior’s ability to stay safe on their own is to have them start practicing yoga or tai chi. These activities are going to help them get more balance in their lives and improve their muscular strength. Both of these factors are super important in terms of keeping them safe from falling.
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