Meet the Team

Sanjay Das


Sanjay Das originally grew up in India, but has made the United States his home for over 23 years. With his decade-long experience as a family caregiver, he started the agency as a tribute to his grandmother, who raised him since the day he was born. Sanjay is passionate about senior care, nature, and staying healthy. A former IT professional with a 20 year phenomenal corporate career, he currently focuses on creating certainty & hope for seniors and their families, and improving people’s lives.”

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Photo of Melanie

Melanie Stuart

Client Care Manager

Melanie is a certified Aging Life Care Professional, specializing in dementia care. She provides guidance, support, information, and resources for families who are navigating the often overwhelming elder care journey. Before joining the Always Best Care team, she was an Elder Care Consultant, providing elder care coaching, long-term care planning, and case management.

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Through assessment and monitoring, planning and problem-solving, education and advocacy, she creates a roadmap to help families with the current and future needs of their loved one. By coordinating with ABC team members and the family, we can ensure quality care, improve quality of life, and maintain their loved one’s independence as long as possible.

Melanie enjoys spending time with family, creating art, and enjoys being active in political and social justice issues.

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Photo of Irene

Irene Brooks

Community Liaison

Irene has been a resident of North Carolina for 24 years from New York and has been the primary caregiver to her parents, specifically her father who lost his battle with Alzheimer’s and Kidney Failure recently. A graduate of City University of New York at Hunter College, Irene is a Social Worker by trade and has also spent her career in marketing and sales as well. She is still a primary caregiver to her mother and is very sensitive to the challenges of family members and their loved ones. Her main priority is to help families get the opportunity to enjoy each other again instead of being wrapped up in the day to day minutia of caregiving.

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Photo of Lisa

Lisa Bailey

Lead Scheduler/Recruiter

I have been in the healthcare industry 20+ years. I absolutely love what I do. I took care of all of my family members who were sick and in need of care. Now, the greatest reward for me is knowing that when I go home for the day, I helped someone get excellent care for their loved one or added an awesome, experienced, and caring care assistant to our team.

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