How to Deal With Your Senior’s Hoarding Behavior?

Is your senior hoarding things? Is their habit going out of hand? Many older adults, especially those suffering from dementia, experience hoarding behavior. It may sound bearable, but it can quickly get out of hand with a hoard of clutter around the house. And dealing with senior’s hoarding behavior is not easy either. However, here are some tips that can help you deal with this problem.

  • Address your aging loved one’s hoarding behavior and let them know that you’re worried about them. Make sure to address it in calming and soothing manner.
  • Help them identify things that are useless to them, and are just taking up space in their house.
  • Give them a good reason to get rid of things such as charity, church, or giving it to a loved one.
  • Create a perfect balance of leniency and strictness, when sorting senior’s things. Be lenient and let them keep things that they keep close to the heart, but be strict with unnecessary things like a pile of old newspapers.

When you are dealing with your senior’s hoarding behavior, you should stay patient. They must’ve taken a liking to things and developed a emotional connection with them. You will have to let them say goodbye to their stuff, which may take time.

It may take more time if your aging loved one has dementia. They might need care and daily living assistance too. In this situation, you should hire professional dementia care providers from a noted Raleigh firm to care for your senior. They have the knowledge, training and experience to care for seniors, suffering from dementia. They know how to handle changing behaviors, hoarding and other challenges that come with this disease. Call today at (919) 724-4297 to know more.

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