How to Care for Senior Suffering from Hearing Loss?

Is your aging loved one suffering from hearing loss? Are you struggling to manage care giving for them? It is common for family caregivers to struggle with senior care, when aging loved one suffers from hearing loss. However, all you need is guidance in the right direction to manage senior care efficiently.

Here are a few tips to help you.

  • Firstly, make sure that senior gets regular tests done and has proper equipment including hearing aid, if necessary.
  • When communicating with loved one, talk clearly, but avoid shouting. Before starting to talk, get their attention, so that their complete focus is on you. Turn off the TV or radio to reduce noise and distraction.
  • Pay attention to their reactions to understand what they are thinking. If they look confused, then rephrase your words, and speak clearly. If senior struggles a lot to understand you, then keep a pen and notebook handy so that you can write down what you are trying to say.
  • Hearing loss leads many seniors to isolation and depression. Their condition makes them depressed. Look for the signs of depression, and help your aging loved one ward it off with socialization. Make sure senior spends quality time with family and friends, instead of withdrawing from social life.
  • Be patient and calm when interacting with aging loved one. Hearing loss is hard on them, and your support is what they need to cope.
  • Seniors with hearing loss may struggle with mobility and transportation too. Help your aging loved one with both to manage their daily living.

In your absence, hire caregivers to provide daily living assistance to senior. Caregivers can help older adults with meal preparation, medication reminders, mobility, transportation and more.

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