Yoga Tips for Greensboro Seniors

While aging can limit a senior’s energy levels, flexibility, and even the ability to learn new things, yoga is one exercise that most Gate City seniors can participate in on some level. Seniors will need to take a few extra precautions and follow these tips to increase their chances of yoga success:

Remember to Breathe

While some types of yoga may incorporate pranayama, work that involves breath holding, seniors should never hold their breath long. Diminished lung capacity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and COPD are just a few common conditions that make breath holding contraindicated in the senior population. Instead, a 3-count deep breath should be utilized.

Count Out Loud

Often, yoga is practiced in silence but when possible, seniors should count out loud. Doing so forces them to breathe and expand their lungs. In addition, counting when holding poses can help seniors mark their progress and motivate them to keep trying. Perhaps today they can hold tree pose for three seconds and maybe tomorrow they can see themselves improve their time to five seconds.

Consider Wearing Comfy Shoes

Traditionally, yoga students remove their shoes. However, your elderly loved one may want to leave their shoes on for this form of exercise. Especially if your senior has had hip or knee replacements or has a limited range of motion. Wearing shoes can keep them more stable and comfortable during this exercise.

Stay off of the Floor

Many yoga poses are done while in contact with the floor. If your elderly loved one is like most seniors, they may want to use a chair instead of the floor. Many yoga poses can be performed in a chair or standing next to the chair and using it for balance.

The In-Home Care Greensboro NC Seniors Trust

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