Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

The winter time can get pretty rough in the Greensboro area. Sure, it’s not as bad as some parts of the United States, but it can get cold in the heart of winter. That means that it’s more important than ever that seniors are prepared for the cold and are able to stay safe and healthy until the warm weather returns. This means that you should be wearing tons of layers, getting your car serviced, checking on your heating system, & many more things. Read on below if you’re a senior who’s receiving elderly care in Greensboro NC to get prepared for this winter.

Watch where you step: You need to make sure that you’re being extra careful when you’re walking around on your driveway or around Greensboro in the winter. Ice could be anywhere on the ground and could spell a nasty fall and stay in the hospital if you’re not careful. Be sure to get yourself some shoes with good traction so there’s not even a chance of you slipping.

 Keep the winter depression away: There’s such a thing as winter depression that can set in due to the lack of daylight during winter time and the falling temperatures. When you’re stuck inside all of the time because of harsh winter weather, it can be tough to stay positive and keep your happiness up. Think about taking up a hobby like reading or knitting in order to keep your mind and hands busy when you’re stuck at home.

 Eat tons of fruits and veggies: Eating a varied and nutritious diet in the winter time is more important than in any other season. Because you’re not getting Vitamin D from the sun, you’re going to need to replace that with supplements or tons of fruits and veggies. Be sure to switch it up at meal time and try to eat as many nutritious meals as possible.

 Get your car serviced: Your car can take a beating during the winter season. Because of the tough weather, you might find yourself stuck out on the highway if you’re not careful. Have a family member drive with you to Victor’s Auto Shop to get your car serviced before the weather gets any worse.

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