Successful Aging in Place with Alzheimer’s

Your aging parent or other loved one who lives alone may be beginning to show signs of dementia, perhaps even the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. You want to begin to make plans but it is a difficult conversation to have without appearing to be trying to make decisions for them. You also know that their wish is to stay in their own home for the rest of their lives. It is definitely time to check out options for Alzheimer’s Care in Greensboro NC. You will find that the professionals at Always Best Care are able to offer choices for aging in place even with a diminishing capacity.

Benefits of Aging in Place

Maintaining an independent life in the community is just as important for a senior with Alzheimer’s as it is for anyone else. The benefits of In-Home Care Greensboro NC residents can enjoy at home are many:

  • Sense of self-esteem as they are still making and implementing their own decisions about daily living on their own schedule
  • Engaging freely with family and friends without being restricted to certain locations in a facility and certain times
  • Enjoying the comforts of the familiar such as their own bed, favorite chair and food
  • Confidence in being safe with aids such as walkers, devices that switch off automatically and grab bars
  • Making retirement funds stretch further even after paying for help in the home

Facing the Reality of Alzheimer’s Disease

Although you want to make sure you are honoring your parent’s wishes to live at home as long as possible, you do want to be aware of diminishing capacity and increasing safety risks. That is why it is such a relief to know about the options for Senior Living Greensboro NC residents can access. Always Best Care can help you assess the situation and offer you a variety of services of caregivers trained in using tools provided by the Alzheimer’s Association and the Department of Health.

Remember, if the time comes for your parent to seek  in-home care Greensboro NC services from a reliable company such as Always Best Care. For common sense advice and individualized senior care at affordable prices, contact Philip Stringer, the owner and agency director of Always Best Care for Greensboro, including Guilford and Rockingham counties at (336) 314-7968 or [email protected].

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