Scientific Study Establishes Link Between Singing and Well-Being in Seniors

According to a George Washington University (GWU) study, while music therapy on its own is effective in treating conditions such as memory loss and reducing anxiety, while increasing feelings of wellness and confidence, singingis even more effective. Music performance in the form of singing was shown in the study to improve speech communication, increase emotional wellness, and be an effective Alzheimer’s Care in Greensboro NC treatment option among other great benefits.

Seniors can capitalize on these amazing mental, emotional and physical health benefits by attending singing therapy sessions (such as musical theater groups). With Always Best Care’s in-home care Greensboro NC assisted living services, our companionship caregiver will be happy to provide seniors with the assistance needed (like transportation) to attend such sessions. In addition to attending their singing therapy sessions, seniors can enjoy the beautiful Greensboro parks and recreational landmarks while they are out and about.

Three Reasons Seniors Should Regularly Participate in Singing Therapy Sessions

  1. Increased confidence

As seniors begin to participate regularly in singing therapy, they increasingly start to feel better about themselves and their ability to live a healthy, vibrant life. They feel better able to manage their daily lives, and happily, regain a sense of independence and purposefulness. They become less anxious and remain in a happier mood.

  1. Better physical health

Seniors can improve their breathing, posture, and eyesight by regularly participating in singing therapy sessions. As time goes by, the improvements on a physical level, coupled with those in the area of mental wellness, will result in seniors enjoying a greater sense of total well-being. Subsequently, as they get healthier, they spend less time in hospitals and more time enjoying the everyday moments that make life so special.

  1. Increased fellowship with other seniors

Some seniors do not often get to enjoy a variety of social settings as they age. Through group singing, however, they can socialize with others while capitalizing on the benefits of singing therapy. These social interactions can also boost their morale and confidence. This boost in positivity is likely to spill over into other areas of their lives, making for a win-win situation.

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