Oral Hygiene Becomes Increasingly Vital for Senior Happiness and Health

Too many seniors accept oral decay as an inevitable part of the aging process while others become forgetful or lazy during retirement and stop practicing vigorous, dentist-recommended care practices. However, the benefits of good dental hygiene go beyond ensuring a bright smile and pleasant breath.

A wealth of clinical and anecdotal evidence from the American Dental Association, Centers for Disease Control and independent researchers shows that good oral hygiene reduces the risks of developing many health disorders such as arteriosclerosis, pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, cavities, mouth pain, reduced nutritional intake, blood clots and other maladies. That’s why hiring in-home care Greensboro NC caregivers for non-medical companionship could be critical for ensuring a healthier and better life for your senior loved one.

Caregivers can develop a confidential relationship with their senior charges that allows them to broach delicate subjects, such as explaining why good dental hygiene is critical when growing older. Studies show that gum disease can aggravate diabetes, encourage the growth of mouth bacteria that cause pneumonia, produce plaque proteins that end up in the blood and contribute to hardening of the arteries and even trigger bouts of depression and social withdrawal due to mouth pain, tooth loss and inflammation.

Benefits of Caregivers for Assisted Living Greensboro NC

Senior living Greensboro NC companions can monitor dental habits, encourage brushing and flossing after meals, provide transportation to dental appointments and replace worn toothbrushes. When mouth pain becomes an issue, these professionals can help seniors schedule dental appointments and keep them.

Studies show that most seniors tend to accept dental pain, cavities and tooth pain as the price of growing older, but advanced dentistry techniques ensure painless dentistry, denture adjustments and even tooth implants for older patients. Good dental practices keep seniors healthier and more active to enjoy Greensboro attractions, parks and artistic venues like the African American Atelier Gallery.

Always best Care of Greensboro works closely with the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) program to understand the best practices for building strong relationships with seniors. These relationships help companions broach such ticklish subjects as oral hygiene in ways that empower seniors and enhance their quality-of-life and health.

Greensboro offers exercise classes, chair yoga, ballroom dance classes and other fitness opportunities at the Smith Senior Center and other outdoor and indoor locations, but seniors who suffer from mouth pain tend to withdraw from exercise and social occasions.

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