Hiking for Health in Your Senior Years

If you are a senior who wants to keep fit and able to live independently among your family and friends in your own community, you need to exercise regularly. That does not necessarily mean an exercise class at the local seniors’ center, a swim at the YMCA or two rounds of golf a week. It is much easier and less expensive to turn to the exercise you do anyway: walking or, if you’re going outside over parkland trails, call it hiking.

Regular exercise is recommended by all agencies such as Always Best Care (ABC) which provide the in-home care Greensboro NC seniors enjoy. You will be pleased with the results of just a few hours a week walking or hiking. The American Heart Association lays out the health benefits of exercise, including:

  • Significant increase in aerobic capacity, reducing risk of heart problems
  • Weight control
  • Reduced probability of osteoporosis
  • Stable levels of blood sugar
  • Less risk of colon and breast cancers

You don’t have to be fit already to start a walking or hiking regimen as long as you are sensible about your limitations. For example, if you haven’t been active lately, start with short walks near home, perhaps down the block to the store. It won’t be long before you are feeling stronger and adding minutes each day.

Even seniors who are receiving Alzheimer’s care in Greensboro NC and perhaps are living in one of the facilities for assisted living Greensboro NC offers are encouraged to exercise regularly. They, too, can enjoy the many walking and hiking trails you can discover around Greensboro. You might want to start on gentle walks of a mile or so on the trails around the Arboretum or the Bog Garden. If you are up to it and more adventurous, there are 42 miles of trails around the lakes, showcasing trees, wildflowers and wildlife.

For your safety and comfort, wear comfortable shoes, layer a sweater over a tee shirt, put on the sunscreen and always carry water and a snack. Don’t overdo your effort, especially when you’re just starting. Walking or hiking with a friend or even a group is often motivating and seems like less effort.

If you would like someone with you in case you need assistance during a walk or hike, consider accessing the services for senior living Greensboro NC residents receive from Always Best Care. Philip Stringer, the local owner and director of care at ABC, can meet with you to explore all the options of non-medical care his professional team can provide. The services range from companionship and housecleaning to personal care. Contact Phil at (336) 314-7968 or [email protected] to arrange a free consultation.

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