Helping Your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is one of those traditions that is pretty standard in most American households. As soon as that gray winter weather moves away, it’s time for the birds to start chirping and the sun to start shining. This also means that it’s time to get rid of all that clutter in your life, both literally and figuratively. It’s a time to focus on your health and wellness, and you should take the time to help your senior do the same by helping clean his or her house as well. If your senior is receiving in-home care in Greensboro, then you should want them to be living in the most healthy and clean environment possible.

Check Over the House Beforehand

In order to get a better idea of what kind of cleaning needs to be done, make sure you do a quick check of the house beforehand. This will ensure that you know where the biggest problem areas are and which rooms only need a bit of cleaning.  It will also help you organize your plan of attack as you begin spring cleaning.

Have a Conversation with Your Senior About Clutter

Most of our parents like to keep those old knick-knacks that hold special memories and store boxes full of stuff in the attic. This can lead to clutter around the house that may cause stress and frustration on the part of your senior.

The chances are high that your senior might not want to get rid of some of the items that are cluttering up his or her home. There are probably things that you may see as trash, but your senior sees as important to hold on to. Before you get started with any cleaning, have an open and respectful conversation with your parent about the importance of living in a clean environment. If there is anything he or she is unwilling to let go of, you might want to consider renting a storage area so your loved one doesn’t have to part with the items completely.

Have Fun with the Spring Cleaning

It’s easy to make spring cleaning fun instead of considering it a taxing chore to get done. Try to think of some games that you can play to make cleaning more of a friendly competition. For example, you could split up everyone working into various teams, or you couldplan some sort of scavenger hunt to do while cleaning.

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