5 Miraculous Benefits of Music for Seniors

Everyone loves music. That statement is true, no matter where you go in the world! Off the top of our head, we can all name one of our favorite songs or favorite artists that we love listening to. But music has some seriously miraculous benefits, other than being nice to listen to. And these are so important for seniors receiving elderly care in Greensboro, NC. Check some of them out below!

It gives you a positivity boost.

It should come as no surprise that listening to or playing music generally makes us happier. We all have had those feelings of euphoria when we hear our favorite song playing on the radio. This is great news for seniors who may just need a little positivity boost in their lives. Check out what events are happening at The Music Academy of North Carolina if you’re needing a little pick-me-up.

Music can help with memory loss.

If you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or just some light memory loss that comes with age, music has been shown to help with memory loss and overall cognitive sharpness. Regularly listening to or playing music can help keep your mind in tip-top shape.

You can get a bit of exercise.

By just bobbing your head to the music of your favorite song, tapping your feet to the beat, or playing an instrument, you’re getting a little exercise. As a senior, it can sometimes be hard to find a way to get rid of all those aches and pains you suffer from. Music can keep help relieve some of that.

Music takes away stress.

If you’re having any trouble with stress or anxiety, music has the ability to take all of that and throw it out the window. Take some time off and listen to a soothing melody and you’re sure to feel better in no time. Stop by the Green Bean Coffeehouse in downtown Greensboro for some great live music that’s sure to make you feel better.

It makes you want to be around others.

Music has a natural ability to bring people together. If you’re feeling a bit lonely or just want some company, see about joining a local music class or going to see a concert with friends. These are great ways to connect with others and get some of that very necessary social time in. Stop by Center City Park to check some of the live music events happening on a nice summer day.

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