Respite Care

What is respite care?

Caring for a senior loved one can be stressful and exhausting, especially if the caregiver in Burlington NC works a full-time job and juggles other responsibilities. Over time, caregiver burnout can result in diminished quality of care and even sickness from overworking. Respite care is a common solution to this problem.

According to AARP, over 53 million adults living in the U.S. provide care to someone over 50 years old. All too often, these caregivers experience stress, exhaustion, and even depression.

Respite care services give family members and unpaid caregivers a short-term break from providing care. This integral service, which benefits both seniors and family caregivers, can be arranged for a few hours or even a few days, depending on their needs.

What are some of the benefits of respite care in Burlington NC?

Respite care services can have a hugely positive impact on your elderly loved one’s health as well as your own. Whether it’s for an extended period of time or just a few hours a week, respite care can help ease the burden of caregiving.

Taking time for yourself may seem selfish on the surface, but recharging your batteries is crucial in maintaining your ability to provide care. Taking a short break can also improve the overall quality of your care. Professional respite services in Burlington NC also give your senior the chance to learn from and engage with a compassionate caregiver from Always Best Care.

Why should I choose Always Best Care’s respite care services in Burlington NC?

Since 1996, Always Best Care has helped thousands of families with non-medical in-home care and assisted living referral services in Burlington NC. Our passion for helping people maintain a safe, independent, and dignified lifestyle represents our strong foundation for respite care services. By providing the most loving and consistent respite care in our industry, you can rest easy knowing your senior family member is in capable, compassionate hands.

With more than 200 territories across the U.S., finding a fully-trained respite care provider in your state is easy to do. Since every respite care situation is unique, we recommend calling our office at 855.470.2273 for a respite care consultation. This way, we can get a better understanding of your needs and match you up with a professional respite care provider in Burlington NC when you are ready.

Does respite care benefit seniors too?

It may be surprising to hear, but taking some time apart from your senior can be rewarding for your loved one too. With respite care, seniors get a refreshing change of pace and a new face in the home, even if it’s just for a few hours. Because social interaction is great for mental health, your Always Best Care respite provider in Burlington NC will engage with your senior, sparking conversation and mental stimulation. With respite care, new friendships can form, trust can improve, and your loved one may feel more energized and happier.

I’m a primary caregiver with a full-time job. How will respite care benefit me?

As the primary caregiver for your parent or loved one, it’s probably safe to say that you’re dealing with a lot of stress. Finding time to care for your senior loved one can be challenging, especially when you have a family, a full-time job, and other responsibilities to handle. Unfortunately, stress can catch up with you if you don’t take some time off. That doesn’t mean you have to go on an extended vacation – sometimes, a couple of hours of rest is all you need.

If you’re experiencing burnout from being a primary caregiver, respite care in Burlington NC might be the best solution for you and your family.

Here are just a few benefits of using respite care services from Always Best Care:

  • Stress relief
  • A chance to get a full night’s sleep
  • Time to bond with other family members like children, siblings, and spouses
  • An opportunity to run errands or visit a doctor for a routine checkup
  • Go on a short vacation to refresh your spirit
  • Learn tips from Always Best Care respite care providers on improving your daily care routine

Can your respite care services in Burlington NC accommodate my busy schedule?

Yes, absolutely. Our respite care services are designed to accommodate your lifestyle, care routine, and overall needs. Whether you require respite care in Burlington NC for a specific day of the week or have a last-minute travel requirement for your job, we will can cater to your schedule. This way, you have peace of mind knowing your senior is well care for when it matters most.

Will my senior loved one be safe and secure with your respite caregiving professional in Burlington NC while I’m away?

If you are a family caregiver in Burlington NC, we understand that you may struggle with the notion of leaving your aging parent or loved one in somebody else’s care. We believe that trust is a vital aspect of caregiving, and without it, all parties may suffer. Providing care to your family members is a serious job. As such, we make sure that all of our respite care providers are thoroughly vetted, trained, and insured. When you trust Always Best Care, you can rest easy knowing that your parent or family member will receive the highest quality care from the country’s most qualified caregivers.

To help ease your anxiety, we recommend scheduling a care consultation to speak to your local Always Best Care franchise owner. During this care consultation, we will take as much time as necessary to answer your questions and walk you through the Always Best Care respite care process.

Can your in-home caregivers in Burlington NC help maintain daily tasks and routines?

Yes, absolutely.

Our caregivers’ primary goal is to provide your loved one with the companionship, assistance, and care they need most. We work closely with all our clients to discover the level of companion care their senior needs. If you aren’t able to oversee daily tasks or planned activities, our caregivers in Burlington NC are more than capable of filling in until you return.

I can work through my exhaustion. Is respite care really necessary?

As your senior’s primary caregiver, you may feel like you always have to be “on.” However, you only have so much focus and energy to spare before burning out. When you’re worn too thin, your quality of care may suffer as well. To make sure your senior is receiving the best care possible, sometimes it’s necessary for primary caregivers to take a short break. That way, you can return to your loved one refreshed, recharged, and ready to continue your role as their primary caregiver.

I’m afraid my senior loved one isn’t socializing enough with other people. Do your respite caregivers in Burlington NC also offer companionship services?

Yes, we do! As humans, one of our most basic needs revolves around companionship and socialization. The need to engage with other humans doesn’t change as we age.

Unfortunately, it can be more difficult for seniors to go see friends and engage with other people due to mobility problems and other issues. That’s where Always Best Care’s companionship services come in. If you’re planning to take a short break and want to make sure your senior’s routines are followed, companionship care is a great solution.

Common non-medical companionship services include:

  • Dusting, cleaning, organizing, and other light household cleaning chores
  • Meal planning, preparation, and cleanup
  • Washing, drying, folding, and hanging up clothes
  • Driving to appointments or running errands
  • Socialization and activities like playing cards or board games

What is the difference between Always Best Care companionship services and personal care services in Burlington NC?

For many seniors, it can be difficult to perform the day-to-day tasks and activities that they used to. Sometimes, seniors are reluctant to ask family and friends to help with more private matters, like getting dressed or bathing. That is where Always Best Care personal care services come in.

Personal care gives your senior all of the benefits of companionship care in Burlington NC, plus basic medical services. Some common personal care services include:

  • Assistance with toileting
  • Basic cosmetic and grooming help
  • Taking temperature, oxygen levels, pulse, and blood pressure
  • Assistance taking medication
  • Hands-on assistance with bathing and dressing
  • Help with mouth, skin, and hair care