What Can Cause Sleep Related Problems In Seniors?

As seniors age, many suffer from different health problems, from which sleeping issues is one. Sleeping patterns tend to change, as the years pass, and one has to adjust accordingly to get enough sleep. Many seniors find it difficult to fall asleep or they wake up often at night. Such sleep related problems can lead to several health issues.

But, what is the reason behind sleep related problems? Following are some of the factors that cause sleep related problems in seniors.

Irregular sleeping habits – In retirement years, one needs to maintain a proper sleeping pattern. However, many opt for irregular sleep hours, falling asleep with the TV etc. Such habits can make it difficult for your loved one to fall asleep on time and get a good amount of sleep at night. It is advised to develop a proper and regular sleeping pattern.

Medical conditions – Many seniors suffer from medical conditions like arthritis and diabetes that can make it difficult to fall asleep with pain and other symptoms. Alternatively, medication can also interfere with your loved one’s sleeping habits. In such situations, you should speak to your senior’s physician to find an appropriate solution. Your senior will also need proper care to overcome diseases. For this purpose, you can hire home care providers from noted firms like ABC in Shakopee and surrounding areas.

Stress – Stress is a major factor that can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Loss of loved one, financial issues, long-term illness and several other factors can create stress in one’s life.

Consumption of alcohol before bedtime and lack of exercise are some other factors that affect seniors’ sleeping pattern.