What Are The Effects Of Diabetes On Seniors?

Approximately 29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes, and it includes both diagnosed and undiagnosed individuals. Diabetes affects everyone differently according to their health and age, but seniors are always at a higher risk. One out of four people (65 or older) have type 2 diabetes in America. Lack of care, proper diet and medication can lead older adults to serious complications like –

Changes in eating habits – Diabetic seniors may lose weight when their muscles don’t get enough glucose. They may eat less too due to changes in taste, smell and poor digestion. It can put them at the risk of vitamin B1, B12, C, and D deficiencies, and to avoid that, you need to make sure they eat healthy and adequately.

Health issues – High glucose levels can result in urinary incontinence, sleep disruption, urinary tract infections and dehydration. It can interfere their immune system too, making older adults more prone to infections and diseases.

Vision problems – High glucose levels can affect seniors’ vision and their ability to focus. It increases the risk of falling and injuries for them.

Gum disease – Diabetes can lead to serious dental issues and infections by causing inflammation and redness in gums.

Such issues show that a diabetic senior requires proper care and attention to fight this disease. In case a family caregiver cannot step up and take care giving responsibilities, hiring professionals is the only option.

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