How Mild Cognitive Impairment And Alzheimer’s Are Connected?

When it comes to Alzheimer’s, most people believe it to be linked to just memory loss. However, this progressive disease is much more than that. It may lead to decline in cognitive abilities, known as mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Here is how these two are connected.

MCI means that a person has trouble with cognitive abilities, which includes memory and thinking skills. A senior suffering from MCI has higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s or any other dementia. Many times, its symptoms are not severe enough to cause problems in daily living, but serious enough that the person experiencing them or people around them can notice it.

  • Forgetting important information
  • Difficulty in making decisions and judgment
  • Trouble judging the amount of time needed to complete a task
  • Irritability and aggression

What causes MCI?

It is believed that changes in brain caused by early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s can lead to mild cognitive impairment. But sometimes medication causes cognitive impairments, which can be mistaken for MCI. Risk factors for both medical conditions are same too, which causes further confusion. Therefore, it is necessary to get proper diagnosis and then treatment (if needed).

People with mild cognitive impairment are more likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s. However, it is not always certain. Many times MCI reverts to normal cognition. To make certain of the situation, it is important to consult with a physician. Since, there are no medications approved by the FDA to treat mild cognitive impairment, changes in lifestyle and precaution are the only ways to cope with the symptoms.

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