Exercise Related Misconceptions About Elders

Exercise and seniors – most people do not associate these two with each other. Exercise is important for elders, even in their twilight years. However, some myths or misconceptions put elders off exercise. Here are some of those myths.

Myth 1 – Exercise is not important in the old age.

It is a common myth that seniors do not need to exercise, as they are in their twilight years and will get old anyway. However, you should know that such physical activity can improve their health and help them stay active, fit for a long period. It can also help them lower the risk of medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and dementia.

Myth 2 – It is not safe.

Many people believe exercising is not safe for elders. They might fall, slip or trip and get hurt. However, it is not true. With regular exercise, your elderly loved one will get more fit, active and flexible, which will reduce the risk of falling and improve their balance. For your senior’s safety, you can hire in home care providers in Waconia to accompany them on daily walks. Caregivers can keep an eye on your loved one while exercising.

Myth 3 – Elders should save their energy instead of wasting it.

It is another common misconception that seniors should save their energy in the retirement years. However, lack of physical activity can affect their health adversely. Lack of exercise may lead them to more diseases. On the other hand, regular exercise can lift their mood as well as their energy level with good health.

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