Always Best Care Senior Services … The Name Says it All!

Nita Bhatnagar

Nita Bhatnagar’s parents lived abroad when she came to America after she got married. When they became ill in later life, Bhatnagar was unable to travel home to care for them. A live-in caregiver and other family members did so, yet she felt a void in her life for some time because she could not be there for them in their advanced years.

Fast forward to 2010. Bhatnagar opened Always Best Senior Care Services, not just as a business to provide a livelihood for her and her family, but in remembrance of her parents, for whom she was unable to care.That is why even now, she sometimes sees her parents’ faces in those of the people she cares for in her business. Making a difference in someone’s life is of paramount importance to Bhatnagar – while seeking to make a living.

A wife and mother of two, Bhatnagar has a BS in Life Sciences, a post Bachelors in Dietetics and Nutrition, and an MSA in Health Services Administration, Her nurturing and supportive ways help relax older individuals as they enter this transitory phase of their lives. She believes that it is helpful for seniors to remain in their own homes if possible – with the insured and bonded care givers she provides, giving them the specific services and support they require to stay active, healthy, engaged in life and happy. Should they require a move to assisted living, she helps with the transition and placement by locating a new residence that fits their needs and budget. She even drives them to the prospective facility to let them check it out for themselves, assisting their “Sandwich Generation” children whose own lives are hectic and cluttered.

When you or someone dear to you needs assistance with their daily routine, supervision of medications, bathing, dressing, meals and transportation, Always Best Care (ABC) is the company to call. You can contact them at [email protected] or call (248) 525- 3466 anytime. ABC believes in enriching seniors’ lives, one senior at a time – always.