Summer Nutrition for Seniors

Our nutritional needs tend to change as we age because the growth of tissues and cells slows down, while the rate of tissue repair becomes high. This gets worse for the elderly during the summer when the chances of dehydration increase due to the hot weather. This also leads to loss of appetite in many seniors. The ill-effects of the hot weather on the aging body can be avoided by taking a proper diet.

Given below are some useful summer nutrition tips for seniors.

  • Avoid sea foods as they have high quantity of salt and may therefore trigger the problem of dehydration.
  • You must also avoid unpasteurized dairy products, like soft cheese.
  • It goes without saying that you should drink plenty of water during the summer season to keep your body well-hydrated.
  • Cut down your daily consumption of caffeine as it can deplete your body of fluids and other essential minerals. You can replace tea or coffee with healthy summer drinks, such as coconut water, fresh fruit juices, etc.
  • It is also important to keep perishable foods, like meat or raw salads refrigerated during the hot weather. Keeping them at room temperature promotes pathogen survival, which can further result in food poisoning.
  • Include lots of vegetables and fresh fruits in your summer diet, such as blue berries, water melons, tomatoes, tart cherries, etc.

For some seniors, not being able to maintain a proper diet is one of the reasons for considering a move to assisted living. If you also struggle to maintain a nutritious diet at home or need regular assistance with your daily living activities, take a tour of the best assisted living facilities in Salem with us. To learn more, feel free to reach out to us @ 248.579.4426. We would be glad to assist you!