Ways To Productively Unleash Your Anger

Getting angry with an event, or a person, causes a change in the physical body that is, sometimes, too much for many people to control. Things like chronic pains, aging and loss of a loved one can cause a senior to get angry at times. But, a hike in energy level doesn’t have to mean that unleashing it needs to be a negative event. There are ways you can turn that anger into positive energy, which is good for your body, mind, and soul.

  • Learn how to breathe (ahead of time). Meditation is thousands of years old, and is an excellent way to vent out frustration and anger. It can help calm the body and the mind to a steady equilibrium. By learning meditative breathing, you’ll be able to calm yourself down before taking any impulsive steps you might regret.
  • Exercise. Hey! You have a lot of energy now with all of that anger. Why not jump on the treadmill, or better yet, go for a hike or a walk outside. Anger is a great motivation to physical movement and the best part is, your whole body and mind will reap the benefits. However, it may be a difficult option for those with mobility issues. Hiring senior home care providers in Southeast Michigan is a solution that helps you get assistance in exercise and companionship for daily walks.
  • Pick a rage pillow and beat it up. Similar to a punching bag, a rage pillow will let you unleash your anger energy innocuously into soft, downy feathers. It’s a quick and easy way to rid yourself of that burst of energy you get when you become angry.
  • Keep a journal. When you get angry, write it down. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling mistakes and just get your feelings down on paper. The act of writing is extremely therapeutic, and when you’re done, you can revisit your writing which will prompt some possible solutions.
  • Cry. You know that crying isn’t just for “girls.” Everyone has tear ducts so if crying feels right when you get angry, than do it. It will release that pent up energy you have and will purge the body of some of the negativity.

Use these ways and vent out your anger in a productive manner effectively stopping it from affecting your health.