Stop The “Grandparents Scam” With Elderly Care In Clinton Township, MI

Stop the “Grandparents Scam” with Elderly Care in Clinton Township, MI

The “Grandparents Scam” costs Clinton Township seniors thousands of dollars every year, according to a new report by WXYZ Detroit, but our elderly care service is helping local families fight back!

Read on to learn the risks of “Grandparent scams” and find out how our elderly care team is keeping seniors safe, or call (586)-690-7500 to speak directly with an elderly care coordinator near you.

“Grandparents Scams” Raise Elderly Care Concerns In Clinton Township, MI

According to a new report from WXYZ Detroit, 73,000 Michigan seniors fell victim to elder scams or economic exploitation last year, and thousands more only narrowly escaped with their savings intact.

Take Lorrie Abell Patch of Clinton Township, MI, for example. She was nearly a victim of the classic “Grandparent scam” just last month.

“I answered the phone, and this little voice on the other end says, ‘Grandma?’ And I couldn’t quite tell that it was [my grandson] Jacob,” Patch told WXYZ Detroit (Smith, 2022). “I said, ‘Hi Jacob, how are you doing?’ He says, ‘Grandma, I’m in trouble. I need money.’”

Fortunately, Patch sensed something was awry. When she asked the caller posing as “Jacob” to tell her his middle name, the scammer froze, muttered something under his breath, and hung up.

But not all seniors are so lucky. Tragically, the average scam victim loses $34,200, according to a 2022 report from Consumer Affairs.

According to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, the “Grandparent scam” is one of the most popular cons targeting Clinton Township’s senior population, and it’s often coupled with the Caller ID Spoofing Scam, which uses software to falsify the information sent to your loved one’s caller ID.

Understandably, the uptick in senior scammer activity is raising elderly care concerns across Clinton Township. But don’t despair—100% of senior scams can be prevented, and our elderly care service is one of the best ways to keep your loved ones safe.

Read on to learn a few ways our elderly care teams are fighting to stop senior scams in Clinton Township, MI, or call (586)-690-7500 to book a free elderly care consultation now.

Stop The “Grandparents Scam” — Stay Safe With Elderly Care Services

These are just a few of the ways our elderly care teams keep your loved ones safe from scammers:

  1. Empower seniors with knowledge of common scam tactics. Elderly care teams can educate your loved ones about common senior scams like the two discussed in today’s post, and we can also connect them with more scam-fighting resources provided by local senior centers, libraries, and the Department of the Attorney General.
  2. Incorporate safe browsing practices and improve digital security. Our elderly care teams can help your loved one safely store passwords, avoid phishing links, opt out of data sharing agreements on apps, keep security systems up to date, install reputable anti-virus software, and more.
  3. Quickly verify claims made by callers. For example, if your loved one gets targeted by the “Grandparent scam,” our elderly care team can get them off the phone before it’s too late, then help them get in touch with the grandchild in question to put their minds at ease.
  4. Alert loved ones to new friendships and suspicious spending. Since we’re already involved in your loved one’s day-to-day care, we’ll stay apprised of any suspicious new friendships or spending, and immediately alert your family caretakers of these suspicions.
  5. Dismiss scam callers without bothering your loved ones. Our elderly care teams are frequently asked to answer phone calls for seniors under our care. As your loved one’s “personal secretary,” we can quickly identify robocalls and scammers, then send them packing!
  6. Report scam callers. Our elderly care team can help your loved ones submit consumer complaints/inquiry forms via the Department of the Attorney General website.

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