Stop COVID-19 Community Spread: Keeping Seniors Safe With In-Home Care

Stop COVID-19 Community Spread: Keeping Seniors Safe With In-Home Care

For the sake of our seniors, we must remain diligent with COVID-19 safety protocols, even as Clinton Township reopens. Today’s post explains how our in-home care team is helping to support seniors and stop community spread of COVID-19 in Clinton Township, MI.

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The Pandemic Threat Period Has Yet To Pass In Clinton Township

With 63.8% of the population having received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and Clinton Township now fully reopening, it’s easy to forget that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic.

But it only takes one small slip-up to put our vulnerable seniors at risk of exposure. That’s exactly what happened to one Michigan family, the Millers, when they loosened restrictions at home.

“Somebody brought in COVID and both of my parents, at 90 and 96, ended up with COVID, which was absolutely terrifying,” Amy Miller told Michigan Radio. “They gave it to me; they gave it to another family member. It’s truly a miracle that we all survived it. There were a lot of anxiety-filled days and nights.”

But while the risks of community spread remain, they can be greatly reduced with the help of our COVID-safe in-home care service.

Stop COVID-19 Community Spread With In-Home Care Services

If you need help keeping your loved ones safe and supported until the pandemic threat period has passed, our in-home care team is standing by. These are just a few of the ways we’ve been working to stop community spread and keep seniors safe:

  • Implement and enforce COVID-19 safety protocols. Since the very start of the pandemic, our in-home care team has been working in full compliance with the CDC’s COVID-19 safety protocols. In addition to proper masking, distancing, and increased cleaning/sanitization, we use contact tracing, rapid testing kits, and symptom screenings to keep our workforce free from exposure.

    What’s more, when your loved one is in our care, we take the reins to enforce COVID-19 safety protocols during all visits with friends, family, and healthcare professionals. We also make sure your loved one is properly masked and/or socially distanced during outings.

  • Assist with COVID-19 vaccinations. Does your loved one still need their second dose? We can help with registration, schedule reminders, transportation, second dose symptom relief, and general support with the activities of daily living on the day of your appointment.
  • Support seniors as they isolate. Social isolation poses serious health risks for seniors, but we eliminate these risks with in-home care companionship, supply drop-offs, and by facilitating COVID-safe activities, such as outdoor visits with family and friends.
  • Help with COVID-19 recovery and hospital transfers. Our in-home care service can support your loved ones while they recover from COVID-19, either at home or in the hospital, and we facilitate smooth, COVID-safe transfers, too.

Free Quote On COVID-Safe In-Home Care In Clinton Township

For the last 11 years, Always Best Care has been committed to enhancing seniors’ safety, comfort, and quality of life in Clinton Township, MI. Today, as part of that commitment, we’re proud to offer COVID-safe in-home care services that eliminate the risks of social isolation, reduce the risks of infection, and keep seniors well-stocked while they shelter in place.

Our in-home care services are available throughout Clinton Township and all the surrounding communities, including:

  • Chesterfield
  • Mount Clemens
  • Harrison Charter Township
  • New Baltimore
  • Sterling Heights

To start a free consultation and get a quote on a personalized in-home care plan, call (586)-690-7500 or fill out the contact form on the Always Best Care website.

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