Senior Isolation – How To Avoid It?

Isolation is the growing concern among the seniors. It is directly linked to depression, stress, and gives rise to a number of health related problems. Considering the related risks, it is important for you to make your seniors more socially engaged and connected. Here are some of the ways that can help you avoid isolation in seniors and promote social health.

Provide transportation – Many seniors do not drive, so providing a reliable transportation service can help seniors maintain social connections and also give them a sense of independence.

Encourage for social gatherings – You must encourage your loved ones to participate in different social or community gathering. This will give them an opportunity to interact and socialize with people of same age and interests.

Hire a caregiverCaregivers provide seniors the much needed companionship services, helping them feel more involved and engaged. They can plan outings, social gatherings, and also accompany your seniors to malls, movies etc. In addition, your loved one will have someone to talk to and share things. This way they will never feel alone or isolated.

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