Scorching Michigan Summers Put Seniors At-Risk: Stay Cool With Home Care

Scorching Michigan Summers Put Seniors At-Risk: Stay Cool with Home Care

Scorching Michigan summers put seniors at-risk, but Always Best Care is here to help them beat the heat, whether your loved ones stay at-home or stay on the go.

Read on to learn how our home care teams are keeping seniors cool in Clinton Township’s “heat dome,” or call (586)-690-7500 to straight a consultation straight away.

Report Shows Michigan’s ‘Heat Dome’ Puts Local Seniors At-Risk

Late last month, atmospheric conditions trapped hot ocean air in the Metro Detroit areas in what is known as a “heat dome” effect, causing local residents to experience humidity above 40% and temperatures that felt as hot as 100 degrees or higher.

In fact, the “heat dome” effect generated record-setting heat in many municipalities, leading the National Weather Service to release a series of “excessive heat warnings” throughout the Great Lake State.

Fortunately, Michigan hospitals have reported “minimal cases of heat-related illness” thus far, but there’s no denying the risks extreme temperatures pose for seniors, particularly those with heart or blood vessel problems, poorly working sweat glands, or prescription drugs that make them more prone to overheat.

According to the National Institute on Aging, seniors are particularly at risk of:

  • Heat syncope, a sudden dizziness that occurs when active in hot weather
  • Heat cramps, a painful tightening of muscles in the stomach, arms or legs while exercising in the heat
  • Heat edema, a swelling of the ankles and feet when overheated
  • Heat exhaustion, a warning of impending heat stroke characterized by headache, dizziness, excessive sweating, clammy skin, fast pulse, and extreme thirst
  • Heat stroke, a medical emergency and severe form of hyperthermia that is characterized by changes in behavior (confusion, combativeness, delirium, or coma), rapid pulse, flushed skin, and a lack of sweating

Those who live at home with functional or cognitive impairment are at especially high risk, but home care services are available to help you beat the heat. Read on to learn more, or call (586)-690-7500 to start a free home care consultation in Clinton Township, MI.

Stay Safe In Michigan’s ‘Heat Dome’ With Home Care Services

These are just a few of the ways our home care teams are keeping seniors cool this summer:

  • Home care teams keep seniors hydrated, monitoring water consumption at all times and ensuring they always have access to cold, refreshing, and hydrating beverages and snacks (e.g. watermelon, cucumber slices, broths, vegetable juices, etc).
  • Senior care teams keep the home care environment cool, setting up fans, managing air conditioning, limiting use of the oven and other cooking implements, closing shades, blinds, and curtains, and opening windows at night.
  • Home care teams ensure seniors get only as much sun as they want, giving them all the benefits of vitamin D and time spent outside, without any of the rises of excessive UV exposure. Whether you need someone to apply sunscreen, bring an umbrella, dress your loved ones to beat the heat (e.g. breezy long sleeves and hats for summer), or move them to shaded areas of the home during the hottest part of the day, we’ll do it all!
  • Home care teams improve access to cooling centers, helping seniors locate cooling centers, libraries, and other air conditioned recreational spaces in their area and providing transportation to-and-from as needed.
  • Home care teams create heat-safe opportunities for exercise, transporting seniors to-and-from their favorite air conditioned exercise studios (e.g. indoor gyms, yoga, tai chi, and swim aerobics), and monitoring any home workouts to ensure your loved ones do not overexert themselves.
  • Home care teams provide immediate heat relief, should your loved one overdo it under the sun. We can help spot the signs and symptoms, get them out of the sun and into a cool place, ensure proper hydration, shower or sponge them off with cool water, or connect them with emergency services as needed.

Get A Free Quote On Senior Home Care Services In Clinton Township, MI

For the past 12+ years, we’ve helped thousands of seniors live carefree and age on their terms with qualified home care services, and we can do the same for your family. To sit down with our team and get a free quote on a custom home care plan, you can:


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