Save With Senior Care: Thriving Through Inflation On A Fixed Income

Save With Senior Care: Thriving Through Inflation On A Fixed Income

In today’s economy, inflation is up while seniors’ fixed incomes remain the same, leaving older adults wondering how they will maintain their standard of living. Don’t worry—our senior care team is here to help.

Read on to learn 5 ways to save money with your senior care team, or call (586)-690-7500 to speak directly with a senior care coordinator in your area.

Senior Care Concerns Abound As Inflation Rises In Clinton Township

Inflation is officially the highest it’s been in four decades, according to the Detroit Free Press, and many Clinton Township seniors are feeling the pinch.

“Thousands of seniors across Southeastern Michigan are experiencing hard times,” says Trevis Gaddies, volunteer for the Friendly Callers of FOCUS: Hope. “It’s sad that our economy has come to this.”

With the majority of seniors living on fixed incomes, rising inflation represents a serious threat to their standard of living. Unless your loved ones find ways to save, they may need to give up some creature comforts to stay within the budget.

But not with our senior care team on your side. We make it easy to save money so your loved ones can take their fixed income further and maintain their standard of living, even as inflation continues to climb.

Read on to learn more, or call (685)-690-7500 to speak directly with a senior care representative in Clinton Township, MI.

Save With Senior Care: Take Your Budget Further With ABC

These are just a few ways our senior care teams help clients save money and get more out of their fixed income:

  1. Reduce the costs of convenience foods—The average US household spends $2,375 per year on dining and takeout purchases. But why pay extra for takeout when you can get fresh meals with fast-food convenience at home? Our senior care team takes care of the cooking and cleanup, and we can work with any dietary restrictions or food preferences.
  2. Work within your grocery budget—Since our senior care teams already handle the grocery shopping, you can set-and-forget your food budget. If your loved one isn’t getting enough to eat, we’ll alert you right away, and we can also recommend adding some healthy, high-yield, low-cost foods (e.g. potatoes, rice, and lentils) to stretch your dollars a little further.
  3. Cut coupons for serious savings—According to one study by CouponFollow, the average household could save as much as $1,465 per year by taking advantage of online, mobile, and physical coupons. Whether your loved one needs help cutting coupons from their favorite flyers, or finding online deals, our senior care team can help!
  4. Slash long-term medical costs with senior care—While some medical costs are unavoidable, many can be prevented. For example, according to research by the CDC, the US spends about $50-billion per year on medical costs related to non-fatal fall injuries and $754-million on fatal falls. Medication mismanagement also costs Americans a lot—about $300 billion annually, says one study cited by Pharmacy Times—and it’s equally preventable. While under the care of our senior care teams, your loved ones’ risk of falls, medication mismanagement, and many other health problems drops dramatically, while recovery times speed up.
  5. Control travel costs with senior care—With gas prices soaring high, the value of our senior care team’s transportation service has never been greater. To reduce travel costs, we can drive your loved ones wherever they need to go, look up fun local events within walking distance, help your loved one stay on top of their vehicular maintenance to save on major repairs, or assist with hosting family events to cut out the travel requirement altogether.

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