Reducing Family Caregiver Conflicts with Home Care Assistance

Reducing Family Caregiver Conflicts with Home Care Assistance

With demand for home care assistance soaring higher each day, family caregiver conflicts are on the rise in Clinton Township. But Always Best Care can help!

Family Caregiving Conflicts On The Rise In Clinton Township, Mi

There are more friends and family members in Clinton Township acting as primary caregivers than ever before.

According to the AARP’s “Caregiving in the U.S. 2020” report, there were 43.5-million people providing informal home care assistance for aging loved ones in 2015. Today, there are 53-million—that means nearly one in five Americans are now providing unpaid care to an adult with health or functional needs. This rapid increase is largely owed to the mass aging of the Baby Boom cohort, which adds roughly 10,000 seniors to the US population every single day.

As the number of family caregivers grows, so too does the number of caregiver conflicts. The same AARP report indicated that 26% of informal caregivers now have difficulty coordinating care and dividing duties between family members, up from only 19% in 2015. Research by the American Psychological Association identifies the following common family challenges associated with informal caregiving:

  • Conflict about care (e.g. parents refusing care or demanding more)
  • Lack of support for primary caregiver (e.g. the majority of care duties left to a single family member)
  • Difficulty balancing the needs of healthy and sick family members (e.g. struggling to find time to care for mom while raising children)
  • Interpersonal conflicts (e.g. financial issues, differences of opinion regarding family care, etc)

If any of these common sources of conflict resonate with you, don’t despair: you’re not alone, and Always Best Care can help.

Providing Home Care Assistance Is Stressful

There is a vast body of research highlighting the risks of caregiver burden, most of which is echoed in a new report by the AARP on the health impact of home care assistance. Published May 15, 2020, the AARP report finds that 1 in 4 family caregivers feel that their home care assistance duties have negatively affected their wellness. 45% of caregivers also indicated that they had experienced some kind of serious financial impact as a consequence of caring.

Obviously, family conflicts are more likely to arise when caregivers are stressed and financially strained. But this is where our home care assistance makes all the difference. Our home care assistance plans are more affordable than institutional care, and they’re flexible enough to fit any budget, whether you need a few days of respite or you want 24/7 care support. Our home care assistance service instantly lifts the care burden, giving you time for work, family, self-care, and recovery, while also eliminating major stressors that may exacerbate family conflicts.

Book A Free Family Care Consultation In Clinton Township, Mi

Our team will work with you to identify your family’s unique care needs—both of the care recipient and the caregivers—then recommend individualized home care assistance services that fit your budget. We can also direct you to senior care and counseling resources in Clinton Township as needed.

Visit the ABC Clinton Township website or call 586-203-2157 to set up a family care consultation in Clinton Township.

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