Reap The Rewards Of Group Fitness With Senior Care In Clinton Township, MI

Reap The Rewards Of Group Fitness With Senior Care In Clinton Township, MI

Everybody knows that exercise is a key component of any senior care plan, but new studies suggest group fitness might be even more beneficial for our holistic health. Today’s post reviews the research, then explains how our senior care teams bring clients the full benefits of group fitness whenever and wherever they decide to get moving.

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Research Review: The Value Of Group Fitness In A Senior Care Plan

Time and time again, senior care research has shown that when it comes to working out, there’s strength in numbers. Multiple studies have now observed that group exercise offers unique benefits, especially for older adults. For example:

  • Group exercise makes it easier to get motivated. One study published by the Journal of Social Sciences found that participants tend to gravitate towards the exercise behaviors of those around them (Plante et al., 2010). Another study found that 95% of seniors who started a weight-loss program with friends saw it through to the end, compared to only 76% of those who tackled it alone.

    If your loved ones are struggling to find the motivation to work towards their weekly activity goals, our senior care team can help them find and enroll in local fitness programs, where they can get inspired.

  • Group exercise increases fat loss. A 2016 study published by the Obesity journal found that overweight seniors tend to lose more weight when they spend time exercising with fit friends. And the more time they spend together, the more weight they lose.

    Not only can our senior care teams help coordinate your group exercise sessions to promote fat loss, but we can also facilitate easy dietary improvements, cooking fresh, low-fat meals for your loved one at their request.

  • Group exercise promotes social health. According to a 2015 study, group fitness fosters strong social bonds that can both increase exercise performance and reduce the risks of loneliness and social isolation (Davis et al., 2015).

Reap The Rewards Of Group Fitness With Senior Care In Clinton Township, MI

Our senior care team is committed to facilitating senior group fitness to promote healthy minds, bodies, and social lives throughout Clinton Township, MI. To that end, we offer:

  • Assistance with exercise gear shopping—Whether your loved one needs a new pair of running shoes or a yoga mat to take part in their chosen group fitness program, our senior care team can purchase any gear that may be required.
  • Help with program sign-up, selection, and scheduling—Our senior care team can help your loved ones find out what group fitness programs are currently available, determine what’s best for their needs and preferences, and take care of the sign-up process. Additionally, once we’ve found the right program, we’ll provide regular scheduling reminders to make sure they don’t miss out!

Reap the Rewards of Group Fitness with Senior Care in Clinton Township, MI

These are just a few of the group fitness options available to seniors at the Clinton Township Senior Adult Life Center.

  • Help coordinating informal programs—If your loved one prefers to work out with their social circle, rather than sign up for an official program at the local senior center, our senior care team can help them plan a regular exercise meet-up with friends and family.
  • Full support with activities of daily living (ADLs)—Whether your loved one needs help getting dressed in their workout clothes, or they need help getting to the meet-up place, our senior care team is fully trained to assist with all activities of daily living.
  • On-demand group fitness options—You do not need to commit to a local program to access the benefits of communal exercise. Anytime your loved one wants to reap the rewards of group fitness, our senior care team can accompany them on a walk or other light activity.

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For the last 12 years, Always Best Care has been helping older adults get active and stay social by improving access to group fitness programs throughout Clinton Township and all of the surrounding areas, and we can do the same for your loved one.

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