Preventing Caregiver Injuries with Always Best Care Seniors Services

Preventing Caregiver Injuries with Always Best Care Seniors Services Clinton Township

Who’s caring for family caregivers? Today’s post explains how Always Best Care senior services help Clinton Township families control care costs, improve care quality, and reduce the risk of occupational injuries.

Clinton Township’s Seniors Want to “Age in Place” with the Help of Family, Friends, and Always Best Care Senior Services

The vast majority of seniors in Clinton Township and the rest of the United States prefer to live in their own homes as they age. This has been shown time and time again, both in seminal research published by The Gerontologist (Gitlin, 2003), and more recent reports from the AARP.

But the benefits of “aging in place” go far beyond personal preference. New research by the Journal of Applied Gerontology links aging-in-place with a whole host of benefits, including (King et al., 2019, p. 717):

  • Preserving quality of life
  • Enhancing senior autonomy
  • Solidifying healthy habits and routines
  • Limiting the functional effects of physical and cognitive decline
  • Improved cognitive, psychological, and physical outcomes compared to institutionalization

For many older adults, finding homecare support through programs like Always Best Care senior services is also much more affordable than institutional care in Clinton Township. This is especially true when family, friends, and loved ones act as the “primary caregiver” while retaining Always Best Care senior services for emergencies or respite.

How to Support Family Caregivers With Always Best Care Senior Services

Clinton Township families work tirelessly to support their loved ones’ healthy aging goals—but who’s caring for the caregivers? Adding to a growing body of studies highlighting the risks of caregiver burden, new research by the Journal of Applied Gerontology reveals that informal family caregivers also experience high occupational injury rates, particularly while assisting with toileting and transfers. Musculo-skeletal injuries, particularly to the low back and shoulder, are most common.

Always Best Care senior services make all the difference, helping primary caregivers control their care costs while also reducing injury rates, preventing caregiver burden, and improving day-to-day care capacity. Here’s a few ways we make a difference:

  • Optimize the home care environment—Whether you need helping tidying up bathroom spaces to make room for “toileting sub-activities,” or you want to install assistive equipment, our team can help.
  • Provide respite as needed—Always Best Care senior services are flexible enough to fit any schedule, and we’re always standing by for short-notice support. If you’re feeling run-down, your back is aching, or “life happens,” we ensure your loved one’s care continuity.
  • Leave tough tasks for the pros—Many clients use Always Best Care senior services for the tough tasks—toileting, transfers, and support with other activities of daily living, for starters—while staying involved with their loved one’s home care in other ways. This is a great way to cut the costs of Always Best care senior services, while still getting professional help that reduces your risk of injury and burnout. Focus on cooking meals for mom and dad, or simply spending time together, and we’ll handle the hard parts!

Learn More About Always Best Care Senior Services in Clinton Township, MI

Visit the ABC Clinton Township website or call 586-203-2157 to book a free consultation and learn more about how we support family caregivers in Clinton Township.


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