Optimizing the 4 Stages of Aging with Non Medical Senior Care

Optimizing the 4 Stages of Aging with Non Medical Senior Care in Clinton Township

A meta-analysis of research conducted by Carol Marak recently identified 4 definitive stages of aging that may help you better understand and plan for your aging parents’ care needs. To that end, today’s post runs down all 4 stages, and explains how non medical senior care makes life easier every step of the way.

Non Medical Senior Care: Promoting Successful Aging at Every Stage

The first stage is called the Independent Stage. Seniors at this point in the aging process are completely self-sufficient and capable of taking care of themselves with no additional help.

Generally speaking, minimal non medical senior care is needed at this stage. That said, companionship care and home helper services are still popular among independent older adults as a way to avoid social isolation and “automate” household chores. Some senior business owners may choose to hire non medical senior care staff to act as “personal assistants” at this stage in order to increase productivity. These “personal assistants” effectively add hours to the day by assisting with scheduling, correspondence, and organization, while also giving seniors and their families the peace of mind that comes with having a qualified caregiver on hand.

Introducing non medical senior care in small doses during the independent stage can be a great way to ease into the idea of long-term care. Start small and scale up with a single phone call as your parents’ care needs increase.

The second stage is the Interdependence Stage. For the most part, seniors entering the “interdependence” stage can still get by on their own, but they may need help with more laborious tasks, like cleaning, yard maintenance, and other physical chores. Towards the latter half of this stage, the rate of disease, disability, and slip-and-fall injuries rises sharply, and some seniors may no longer be fit to drive.

A large percentage of our clients in Clinton Township, Michigan reach out to us during the interdependence stage. Our Home Helper services cut labor-intensive household tasks out of your parents’ life, eliminating these common causes of strain, overexertion, and slip-and-fall injuries among older adults once and for all. We also provide full transportation and escort to social events, appointments, and other outings, along with a wide range of care services that are completely scalable and tailored to the client. Bottom line: whatever your loved one needs to make the interdependence stage safe and comfortable, Always Best Care of Clinton Township provides.

The third stage is the Dependence Stage. This is where seniors need moderate-to-heavy care and frequent-to-constant attention. Tasks like cooking, bathing, getting dressed, and driving are no longer manageable on their own.

When your parent or loved one enters the dependence stage, we can support your caregiving duties in any way you need. Always Best Care of Clinton Township offers a complete continuum of non medical senior care services that can be completely customized to make your parents’ independent lifestyle work even deep into the dependence stage.

The final stage is Institutional Care, which can often be avoided or at least delayed with the right non medical senior care. This is the stage where independent living is no longer possible and the challenges of frailty, disease, or disability make the home unsafe or unsuitable for successful aging.

But although your aging parents’ needs may eventually outgrow our non medical senior care service, we can still offer a bit of help during the institutional care stage. Our assisted living placement service helps families find the best care institutions in Clinton Township for free. And once you’ve found the perfect place, our non medical senior care team can help smooth the transition, whether that means organizing and packing or providing transportation.

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