Optimize Senior Cold Weather Safety With In Home Care In Clinton Township

Optimize Senior Cold Weather Safety with In Home Care in Clinton Township

Winter is here, and Michigan’s seniors need our help to stay safe (and stay standing) in the snow. Read on to learn how our in-home care team effortlessly implements the CDC’s cold weather safety tips for seniors, or call (586)-690-7500 to speak directly with an in-home care coordinator in Clinton Township, MI.

Cold Weather Poses Risks For Older Adults In Clinton Township, MI

“Older adults are more sensitive to cold than younger adults,” states the CDC website.

Winter weather not only creates discomfort and added slip-and-fall hazards, but also “increases seniors’ risk of heart disease and kidney or liver damage, especially if they have a history of low body temperature or have had hypothermia in the past” (CDC, 2021).

Fortunately, there’s plenty we can do to reduce our loved ones’ risks of hypothermia and slip-and-fall injuries, and the CDC website is not short on ideas. However, many family caregivers in Clinton Township—especially members of the Sandwich Generation, sandwiched between child care, career, and senior care responsibilities—are short on time. If you’re among them, don’t despair: our in-home care services are here to help.

Optimize Senior Cold Weather Safety With In-Home Care Services

Here’s a few ways our in-home care team can help you implement the CDC’s top tips for senior cold weather safety:

  • Effortlessly incorporate healthy diets. According to the CDC, seniors should strive to “eat a healthy diet every day to make sure their bodies have enough energy to keep them warm.” But for some seniors, especially those who do not drive or who live with disabilities and/or mobility restrictions, that’s easier said than done.

    Don’t worry—our in-home care team can help. Let us take care of the shopping, cooking, and cleanup while your loved one stays warm at home, so all they need to do is show up hungry!

  • Make sure your loved ones bundle up, and change out of cold or wet clothes immediately. “Wear warm, thick clothing, including a hat and scarf if needed, and change your clothes as soon as you get inside,” cautions the CDC.

    Our in-home care team provides full assistance with all activities of daily living, including dressing, and we’ll always make sure your loved one is winter-ready.

  • Manage (and maintain) home heating systems. Managing and maintaining your home heating systems not only makes mom and dad safer and more comfortable; it can also save you money on utilities every month.

    “Check your thermostat or an easy-to-read indoor thermometer often; maintain your heating and air conditioning systems; block off any unused rooms and drafts from windows and doors; and, if you use a fireplace or wood stove as your main heating source, have your chimney or flue inspected every year,” recommends the CDC.

    If that to-do list looks a little daunting, just leave it up to your in-home care team. We do it all for no additional charge, as light home maintenance is offered with every care plan.

  • “Fall-proof” the home environment. Our in-home care team can take care of all of the CDC’s tips for reducing fall risk in cold weather, including installing proper lighting, keeping outside walkways clear of snow and ice, adding textured grip to steps, drying the wheels or tips of all walking aids before entering the home, and decluttering walkways/hallways.

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For the past 11 years, we’ve been committed to keeping seniors safe, comfortable, and happy in their homes, no matter the weather.

To learn more about how we’re making a difference for families in Clinton Township, and to get a free quote on a custom in-home care plan of your own, you can:


CDC. (2021). Older adults and extreme cold. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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