Michigan Seniors ‘Stay Sharp’ In 2021 With Non Medical Home Care

Michigan Seniors ‘Stay Sharp’ In 2021 With Non Medical Home Care

Today’s post reviews senior brain-health recommendations from the AARP and Global Council on Brain Health, all of which are included as part of every non-medical home care plan.

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AARP Research Identifies Six Pillars Of Senior Brain Health

Following guidance from the Global Council on Brain Health, the American Association of Retired Persons’ (AARP) StayingSharp program encourages seniors to incorporate the following six pillars of brain health into daily life:

  1. Be social
  2. Engage your brain
  3. Manage stress
  4. Commit to ongoing exercise
  5. Get restorative sleep
  6. Eat right

But you don’t need an AARP membership to benefit from this holistic, lifestyle-based approach to brain health. At Always Best Care of Clinton Township, every non medical home care plan is designed to help seniors “stay sharp,” promoting all 6 of these healthy habits to help older adults take control of their brain health.

1.   Be Social With Non Medical Home Care

Not only does our non-medical home care staff provide constant companionship, sharing stories, reminiscing, and enjoying meals with your loved one, but we also help them stay social by:

  • Assisting with hosting and/or planning social events and gatherings
  • Providing transportation to-and-from gatherings with friends and family
  • Enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols (e.g. social distancing, masking) to keep your loved one safe while they socialize
  • Connecting seniors with Clinton Township resources for social events

2.   Engage Your Brain With Non Medical Home Care

Our non medical home care team can introduce your loved one to all kinds of fun brain-games and activities. Whether mom and dad prefer board games, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, or problem-solving activities, we’ve got plenty of ways to help them stay sharp!

3.   Manage Stress With Non-medical Home Care

Non medical home care offers serious peace of mind, ensuring your loved one always has somebody there to monitor their well-being and assist with difficult tasks. Additionally, we can help your loved ones mitigate stress by helping them declutter the house, organize important paperwork, stay on top of bill payments, and remember special dates or appointments.

4.   Commit To Ongoing Exercise With Non Medical Home Care

Though we are not certified personal trainers, our non-medical home care staff do plenty to help your loved ones reach their exercise goals, including:

  • Providing transportation to-and-from your loved one’s favorite senior exercise class
  • Accompanying your loved ones on gentle walks and other outdoor activities
  • Purchasing home-exercise equipment as requested
  • Monitoring your loved one’s home exercise sessions for safety
  • Encouraging your loved one to get active and meet their goals each week

5.   Get Restorative Sleep With Non Medical Home Care

Our non-medical home care team goes above and beyond to create the perfect conditions for restorative sleep. We can help your loved one declutter the bedroom, limit caffeine intake, pick-up and install soft lighting and blackout curtains, set up calming music, and implement a nightly bedtime routine to wind down. Whatever you need for optimal sleep hygiene, our team has it covered.

6.   Eat Right With Non Medical Home Care

With non medical home care, eating right is as easy as showing up hungry. We can handle the shopping, cooking, serving, and clean-up, so your loved one gets brain-healthy dishes with fast-food convenience.

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