Managing ‘Second Dose Symptoms’ With Senior Care In Clinton Township

Managing ‘Second Dose Symptoms’ With Senior Care In Clinton Township

Though the Macomb County Health Department is making encouraging progress with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, many seniors are reporting second dose symptoms. But don’t worry: second dose symptoms are low-risk for older adults, and our senior care team can help.

Today’s post explains how our senior care team is helping Clinton Township families manage second dose symptoms as they manifest.

Clinton Township Seniors Reporting Second Dose Symptoms

Both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are reactogenic, which means they’re expected to produce side effects or reactions.

“Even after the first dose, some people can get local reactions such as soreness or tenderness in the injected arm, or they may feel slightly out of sorts for a day or two,” explains William Schaffner, M.D. and professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in a new AARP report.

But now “second dose symptoms” are coming to light, with as many of 40-50% of vaccinated seniors reporting various symptoms, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Fever

None of these symptoms give serious cause for concern; as Dr. Schaffer explains, “this happens because your immune system is starting to work and cope with the stimulus that comes from the vaccine—so in a sense it’s a good thing.” And, fortunately for seniors, older adults have thus far shown a milder response compared to the 20-to-30 crowd, likely “because their immune systems are not responding as vigorously as a young person’s.”

But managing second dose symptoms is still important, if only to keep our loved ones happy, comfortable, and excited for the post-pandemic future. And that’s where our senior care team can help.

Managing “Second Dose Symptoms” With Senior Care In Clinton Township, MI

In addition to monitoring your loved one to give all parties peace of mind, our senior care team can help manage common second dose symptoms. For example, we might:

  • Fight fatigue with senior care—Our senior care team will prepare fresh and energizing meals, create opportunities for safe and invigorating exercise, and establish a peaceful bedtime routine and environment for restorative sleep.
  • Keep the chills away with senior care—Need an extra blanket or a thermostat adjustment? Maybe you’d like us to run a warm bath, as recommended by health professionals? Whatever you need, our senior care team can help, and we’ll monitor your loved one’s status throughout.
  • Get help with headaches—Our senior care team will keep you hydrated, turn the lights down low, fetch a hot or cold compress, and pick up any over-the-counter headache medications you need for relief.

Free senior care consultation in Clinton Township, MI

Things might look a little different in the “New Normal,” but our commitment to quality senior care hasn’t changed

For the last ten years, our senior care team has proudly served families throughout Clinton Township and the surrounding communities, including:

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