Log In And Take Part: 5 Ways To Caregivers Help Seniors Connect Online

Log In and Take Part: 5 Ways to Caregivers Help Seniors Connect Online

With Clinton Township’s vulnerable seniors continuing to shelter in place and limit out-of-home interactions, AARP Michigan’s virtual events are a serious boon, providing new ways to learn, laugh, and connect with the local community. Your loved one may not be especially tech-savvy, but our caregivers make it easy to get started.

Read on to see what’s happening online in the coming months, and learn how our caregivers help seniors make the most of virtual events, or call (586)-690-7500 to speak directly with a caregiver coordinator near you.

Log In, Take Part: How Caregivers Help Seniors Connect Online

Though Macomb County has made encouraging progress, slowing the spread and administering thousands of vaccines every day, the pandemic isn’t over yet, which means some of our vulnerable seniors will need to continue to shelter-in-place as much as possible.

But that doesn’t mean life has to stop. In addition to fostering COVID-safe social visits and outings, and providing activities and companionship in the home, our senior caregivers can help your loved ones take advantage of online events and programs to connect with their community, learn new things, and greatly enrich their Golden Years.

And when it comes to virtual events, Clinton Township’s seniors are truly spoiled for choice. AARP Michigan is constantly rolling out new online offerings to enrich the lives of seniors and foster meaningful connections in our community.

These are just a few of the events Macomb County seniors can take part in over the coming months, completely free of charge:

Whichever of these online offerings you choose, our caregivers can help your loved ones make the most of the experience by:

  • Assisting with online event registration via the AARP Michigan website
  • Purchasing a webcam, microphone, or other hardware/equipment required for participation (e.g. a hand drum for the Rhythms of Life event) and helping with basic setup and troubleshooting
  • Creating a calm, quiet, and comfortable space so your loved one can focus
  • Attending online events with your loved one to help break the ice
  • Providing schedule reminders so your loved one never misses an event, and more

To learn more ways we can help, book a free caregiver consultation in Clinton Township, MI.

Book A Free Caregiver Consultation In Clinton Township, MI

For more than a decade, our caregivers have proudly served families throughout the communities of Macomb County, including:

  • Clinton Township
  • Sterling Heights
  • New Baltimore
  • Mount Clemens
  • Harrison Charter Township
  • Chesterfield, and beyond

To learn how we can help your loved ones live carefree, call (586)-690-7500 or fill out the short contact form on our website to book a free caregiver consultation.

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