Lighting in Senior’s House – Tips for Improvement

When it is about the care and safety of your loved one at home, one of the most important things is to ensure that the place where they live has a proper lighting system. This is because, older adults often suffer from slip, trips or falls and the main reason behind this is the poor lighting in the house. So, a proper lighting is important as it can be a major help when it comes to your senior’s safety inside the house. Here are some tips that can help improve the lighting and safety in your senior family member’s house.

  • Do a walkthrough – Do a general walkthrough in your senior family member’s house and pay close attention to the lighting system in each room. If the overall light level is too dim, it’s time to change the bulbs and replace them with new lights and lamps.
  • Pay special attention to the high-risk areas – fall can happen anywhere and at any time. So, ensure that the entire house has a proper lighting system. Pay special attention to the high-risk areas such as bathroom, stairways, hallways and make sure they have enough lighting.
  • Ensure that the work areas are well-lit – It is important for you to ensure proper lighting in areas where your aging loved one does work regularly on different projects. When the home is not properly lit, it can make difficult for the older adults to see properly, especially if they suffer from poor eyesight.

So, always keep the aforementioned tips in mind to improve the lighting in your loved one’s house. However, if your senior is falling often and there is no one to look after their safety, then consider hiring a professional help in the form of caregivers. An experienced care provider will assist them with mobility and other daily living tasks.

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