Invest In Family Care: Everybody Wins With Elderly Care Services

Invest In Family Care: Everybody Wins With Elderly Care Services

Elderly care services cost money, but they’re not an expense—they’re an investment, one that pays dividends for family health, happiness, and finances.

Read on to review the research and learn how everybody wins with elderly care services, or call (586)-690-7500 to speak directly with an elderly care service coordinator in Clinton Township, MI.

Elderly Care Services Make Life Better For Caregivers And Recipients

Caring for a loved one can be an extremely rewarding experience. But it can also take a serious toll, especially if you’re juggling full-time work or parenting duties at the same time. In the literature, this is known as caregiver burden, and it affects a surprising number of Americans today.

According to the AARP’s Caregiving in the United States 2020 survey, 26% of family caregivers now struggle to coordinate care for their loved ones on a daily basis, and 23% say family caregiving has made their own health worse.

Common symptoms of caregiver burden include lack of energy, overwhelming fatigue, sleep problems, changes in eating habits, dramatic weight loss or weight gain, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and depression.

If you’ve been feeling the weight of your caregiving obligations, elderly care services can make a huge difference in your life. Indeed, booking qualified respite care services or full-time elderly care programs instantly lifts the burden, eliminating one of your biggest stressors, providing peace of mind, and freeing up more time for family, career, and self-care.

Removing yourself from the care equation can also ease any family tensions that may have arisen as a result of stressful caregiving arrangements, so you can heal and reconnect with loved ones in meaningful ways, instead of butting heads over care schedules.

And while most people assume family caregivers are best, professional elderly care services make life better for care recipients, too. Not only are professional elderly care providers trained to provide high-quality care; they’re also paid to provide high-quality care, which eliminates any of the guilt seniors may feel asking family members for assistance.

In a seminal study by the Journal of Family and Economic Issues, researchers noted that “seniors who participated in the study reported that they preferred to received needed help from formal (i.e. public or private sector) caregivers rather than from family members because relying on family members cost them their independence and burdened their family members” (Keating, 1999, p. 307).

Thus, elderly care services not only lift the burden for caregivers; they also eliminate guilt for care recipients, which keeps all parties happy and ensures no care needs go unmet. Everybody wins.

Elderly Care Services Help Families Save Money In Clinton Township, MI

With inflation on the rise, many Clinton Township families are looking for ways to save money, and here again our elderly care services can make a big difference.

Not only do we reduce opportunity costs for caregivers, freeing family members up to take advantage of overtime hours, promotions, and other money-making opportunities; we also help our senior clients save by:

  • Organizing bills and paperwork for easy planning and expense tracking
  • Preparing fresh, home-cooked meals instead of buying expensive takeout
  • Sticking to the grocery budget while shopping for your loved ones
  • Finding free programming and activities at your local senior center
  • Simplifying appointment booking and schedule reminders to avoid cancellation fees
  • Cutting coupons and setting aside promotional flyers that come in the mail
  • Helping seniors find affordable assisted living facilities
  • Preventing falls to eliminate the costs of emergency care and hospitalization
  • Eliminating fuel and commuter costs with safe and reliable transportation, and much more

To learn more ways to save with elderly care services, get in touch with our care coordinators in Clinton Township, MI.

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Fast, J. E., Williamson, D. L., & Keating, N. C. (1999). The hidden costs of informal elder care. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 20(3), 301-326.

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