How to Stop Holiday Scams with Non Medical In Home Care Services

How to Stop Holiday Scams with Non Medical In Home Care Services Clinton Township, MI

Michigan seniors lost millions to holiday scams last year. Don’t be a victim—today’s post explains a few of the ways our non medical in home care services keep older adults safe from emerging scam tactics.

For Michigan Seniors, Scammers are a Serious Threat

Though our non medical in-home care teams keep gaining ground in the fight against fraudsters, Michigan seniors still lost nearly $2 million dollars to scams in 2019, according to a 2020 report from Click On Detroit.

Now with the spike in COVID-19 cases and the upcoming holiday season, the fraudsters are coming out in force.

Scam awareness is the first line of defense, and we’re proud to do our part in spreading information about common tactics. In a recent interview with Detroit MetroTimes, Mark Hornbeck, associate state director for communications at AARP Michigan, warned seniors to watch out for:

  • Bogus websites impersonating major brands and offering big discounts
  • Gift cards that have already been drained of their funds
  • “Porch pirates” who steal packages dropped off at your home
  • COVID-19 scams peddling home-testing products, protective equipment, and stimulus checks
  • Fraudulent charities demanding donations or offering “refunds”
  • “Grandparent schemes” where callers pose as grandchildren in distress and demand money
  • Refund scams where callers claim to have overcompensated you and then request part of the fake payment be returned
  • Any callers requesting payment in the form of gift cards (e.g. Google Play, Target, etc)
  • Any callers requesting remote access to your computer for any reason (e.g. through TeamViewer or AnyDesk software)

If you’d like a detailed look at how different scams work, take a YouTube deep-dive into the world of “scambaiting,” where ethical hackers toy with fraudsters and dismantle their schemes, sometimes even saving potential victims in real-time. It’s free, educational and often entertaining, the perfect way to pass an afternoon sheltering in place.

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But while awareness is important, the only way to truly scam-proof your loved ones is to take action. Here again, our non medical in home care team can help.

Stop Holiday Scams With Non Medical In Home Care in Clinton Township, MI

When work or life pulls you away from your loved ones, we provide total peace of mind, keeping you up to date and heading off any scam attempts. These are just a few of the ways we keep your loved ones safe:

  • Answer the phone for clients—This allows your non medical in-home care team to screen calls, identify robocall scams, and stop any “grandparent schemes” in their tracks.
  • Monitor email and internet use—This allows your non medical in-home care team to flag potential email scams, malicious pop-ups, and abusive or manipulative correspondence.
  • Review financial transactions—Our non medical in-home care team already helps many clients organize paperwork and find important financial documents, which puts us in a good position to spot any usual charges or money transfers requiring your attention.
  • Retrieve online deliveries—We help seniors foil porch pirates by whisking their deliveries indoors straight away.

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